Maybe it's not the apps themselves that are affecting me negatively, but the fact that they make it possible to never be truly alone with your thoughts?
After getting tired of overcomplicated and expensive workout apps, I went back to basics with pen and paper.

September 2022

Thoughts on the 14 Pro, jumping into a new (to me) form of meditation, and more!

June 2021

Reflections on ten years of a song that changed everything

May 2021

An update about my new job, new projects, and a new desk setup

January 2021

In 2020, my personal YouTube usage got out of hand. Here's what I'm doing to reclaim my free time in the new year

July 2020

The last few months have been… crazy (to put it lightly). I didn’t feel like sitting down to write about the normal things I like to write about for a…

May 2020

Considering the worlds within games, the experiences games can give us, and the unique, new kind of memories we can draw from them
Extending humanity's time horizon, Covid-19 symptoms guide, the concept of "the great equalizer", global progress's reverse, and the real Lord of the…
The launch, impact, & future of Apple’s daring timepiece

April 2020

How to ditch the algorithm and read what you want, when you want. Plus, a personal update

January 2020

Gary's 2019 in review, the decade ahead, NASA, shame, and BioShock