Let’s talk about waterproof phones

The last few months have been… crazy (to put it lightly). I didn’t feel like sitting down to write about the normal things I like to write about for a long time, so I took a bit of a break for a couple months. I’m trying to get back to my normal state of mind, so I thought I’d write an article about dropping my phone in the sink. Anyway, I hope you all are as healthy and happy as you can be. Let’s get started. ‘

Remember that for the first 8 versions of the iPhone, getting your phone wet was such a big fear? I remember walking around with my brand new iPhone 6 Plus and it started to rain, and being terrified to even take it out of my pocket.

A year later with the 6S they started to implement a little bit of water resistance. They didn’t really talk about it in the marketing or anything, but device teardowns from the time showed things like rubber around certain internal components, adding more protection from moisture. 

But then a year later (2016), it was when the iPhone 7 came out that Apple said hey, this thing is actually water resistant. iPhone 7 had a new solid state home button that vibrated instead of clicked, and they also got rid of the headphone jack with that phone. These two things did a lot to seal up some of the major points where water damage could leak into the phone.

Now, I currently own a almost three year old iPhone X. To be honest, it’s not in great shape. On the front and the back, it’s completely smashed. Still works fine! And I’m not looking to get it fixed because in all honesty that would probably cost $800, and the iPhone 12 is supposed to come out in just a couple of months.

Anyway, the other day I accidentally dropped it in the sink and I was like “shit”, with the screen so smashed, I was sure it would fry instantly. But I dried it off, and it was absolutely fine.

I really have no idea how it is still working. I guess they’ve just gotten so good at waterproofing phones you can completely smash both the front, and the back of it, proceed to drop it in a sink full of dirty dishwater and just pat it dry and it’s fine.

I’m just really impressed that they're able to seal up every little part of the phone where water can get into it and protect the batteries and microchips inside from liquid damage. 

I think that phone waterproofing is not something a lot of people really notice and it happened just slow enough that people kind of take it for granted now. But personally, that's one thing about modern iPhones that I'm really thankful for is that I can use my pocket computer in any weather without having to worry about it short circuiting if one little droplet of water gets into it. Im also glad that we don’t have to buy those ugly $120 lifeproof cases anymore either.